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Combining the power of Artificial Intelligence & Speech Recognition technologies to help you to learn to communicate in English confidently.

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Learning Tracks
Our platforms are perfect for helping beginners in the English language learn the fundamentals and commit them to memory.
Step #1
Your current level is assessed
Step #2
A customised training guide & lesson plan is created based on your current expertise
Step #3
Your complete fun, adaptive learning assignments & assessments
Step #4
You're certified! (optional)
Nail my accent: Knowing the words is only half the battle - you must also be able to clearly and confidently get them across to others.
Step #1
Your current level of spoken English is assessed
Step #2
A personalised speech training curriculum is created based on your expertise
Step #3
You can learn, practise & improve your accent on the go
Step #4
You're certified! (optional)
No pressure. Take your time to learn, practise, improve and feel confident with your English skills.

Features List

Here are just some of the features our service has to offer you:

1. AI-Driven Language Coaching to provide grammar analysis and special assessments.

2. Accent Training Platform is fuelled by an automated solution to improve your pronunciation.

3. Everything is customised to match your unique needs; people learn at different paces and our platform reflects this.

Importance of English language

Over a billion people speak English, and most of these individuals are not native speakers. The world sees English as a connective language, so a lot of jobs seek out people proficient in it.

For international students, whether planning to relocate or improve their skill set for a job, having a level of English beyond the basics is an incredible asset. You can never underestimate the skill of public speaking in any language.

At LurnUp, we give you the tools to develop your English, letting you speak with the clarity and confidence that you need. When it comes to careers, being bilingual opens doors – but our platforms open even more.

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