LurnUp provides a personalised platform to boost your English at an affordable price.

Learn and speak English perfectly with our AI-driven innovative online service.

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Brush up on the basics
Our language coaching service is ideal for beginners and novice speakers wanting to learn or refine their English skills.
Nail my accent
Our personalised speech training allows you to focus on words you have trouble pronouncing, ensuring you make fast and steady progress.
Why Join?
Native Language Support
We offer native language support to ensure you have complete clarity.
AI-Powered English Tutor
Both our basics and accent tracks utilise AI to help improve your English language skills.
Adaptive Personalised Learning
Benefit from personal learning support that is unique to you, your current skill levels and your learning goals.
Learn at any time from anywhere with an internet connection.
No Pressure to Perform
A completely safe environment to access and learn from an intelligent tutor that adapts to your skills and challenges you to improve without any room for judgement or biases
Unparalleled Customer Support
We want you to feel confident and are always happy to help with any of your questions or concerns all through your learning journey with us
Boost your English language skills for good today!
Start improving your English today.
Leveraging technology to empower English language education
Our AI-driven learning can help to deliver more focused results than a human tutor.